Date and location for meeting North Korea’s Kim are set – Trump

US president insights at advance in winning the arrival of three Americans held in North
around 2 hours back
All grins: But an appropriate summit between North Korea's Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump will require the exploding of difficult issues. Document photos: KCNA/Lucas Jackson/Reuters
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Date and location for meeting North Korea’s Kim are set – Trump

"We're having extremely substantive converses with North Korea and a ton of things have just occurred regarding the (US) prisoners. I believe you will see great things," Mr Trump told correspondents.
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Desires over discharge
The US government is investigating reports that three Americans captured as of late in North Korea had as of late been moved from a work camp to an inn close Pyongyang, as desires develop that they will be discharged before the summit.

Mr Trump said for the current week that the neutral territory, or DMZ, amongst North and South Korea would be an astounding setting for the arranged summit, yet that Singapore was likewise a conceivable site. Date and location for meeting North Korea’s Kim are set – Trump

The Peace House at the DMZ was the setting for a gathering a month ago between Mr Kim and South Korean president Moon Jae-in.
Trump additionally told correspondents on Friday that he was not considering decreasing the US military's quality in South Korea as a major aspect of the transactions.

"Troops are not on the table," he said before a flight to Dallas, Texas, where he will address the National Rifle Association. – Reuters


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