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Transmite t? mismo
YouTube Music, un nuevo servicio de transmisi?n de m?sica, llegar? pronto
Mi?rcoles, 16 de mayo de 2018
From Beyonce's livestream at Coachella to landmark videos like "Despacito," "New {Guidelines}" and "{THAT IS} America," more than 1 billion music {followers|enthusiasts|supporters|lovers|admirers} come to YouTube {every month} to {participate} music culture {and find out} new music. {It is also} where over 2 million {performers|designers|music artists|painters|musicians and artists} come {to talk about} their voices and {artwork|fine art|skill|art work} with {the entire world|the planet|the globe|the earth}. YouTube is where {performers|designers|music artists|painters|musicians and artists} and fans {hook up}: creating and {finding|obtaining|learning about|sensing|exploring} {an environment of} music.  Youtube
But YouTube was {designed for} watching, which {designed|intended|supposed|recommended} fans {experienced} to jump {backwards and forwards} between multiple music {programs|software} and YouTube. {Days past} {will be} over. On {Wednesday|Thursday}, May 22, we'll {commence|get started} {moving} out YouTube Music, {a fresh} music {loading} service {designed for} music {together with} the magic of YouTube: making the world of music {much easier to|better to} explore {and much more|plus more|and even more} customized {than ever before}. Whether you want {to pay attention}, watch or discover, it's all here.
YouTube Music is {a fresh} music {loading} service {designed for} music: official {tunes|tracks|music|sounds|melodies}, albums, {a large number of} playlists and {designer|musician} radio plus YouTube's {huge|incredible|great|remarkable|marvelous} catalog of remixes, live {shows}, {addresses|masks|features|comforters|ranges} and music videos that you can't find {somewhere else} - all simply {structured|arranged|prepared|sorted out|planned} and {customized|individualized|tailored}. For {the very first time}, all the ways music {goes|steps} {you will be} {within} one place.
{Just what exactly} is YouTube Music exactly?
{A fresh} music {loading} service from YouTube
A reimagined mobile {software|iphone app} and {completely new} desktop player that are {made for|suitable for} music.
YouTube Music has {a large number of} playlists, {the state} versions of {an incredible number of} songs, albums, {designer|musician} radio {and much more|plus more|and even more}, in addition {to all or any} the music videos people expect from YouTube.
Find more of the music {you are considering}
Remixes, {addresses|masks|features|comforters|ranges}, live {variations|types|editions|variants} as well as {profound} {slashes|reductions|slices} you can't find {somewhere else} - from {the largest} artists {on the planet|on earth|on the globe} to freshest voices breaking through.
New and iconic videos from "God's Plan" and "Havana" to "Thriller," "Sledgehammer," {and much more|plus more|and even more}.
YouTube Music search works even if {followers|enthusiasts|supporters|lovers|admirers} don't know {just what} they're looking for ... we'll {think it is} if they {explain|identify|illustrate|express|summarize} it (try "that hipster {track|music|tune|melody|songs} with the whistling") or give us some lyrics (try "I {generate profits|earn a living} moves").
Effortlessly discover {songs}
YouTube Music's {individualized|personal} home {display|display screen} dynamically adapts to provide {advice|tips} {predicated on} people's listening {background|record}, where {they may be|these are|they can be|they are really|they are simply} and what they're doing. {In the|On the|With the} {airport terminal|air-port|international airport|air port}? We'll recommend something {calming|comforting|soothing} before the {airline flight|trip|air travel|journey|airfare}. Entering {the fitness center}? We'll suggest some beats to {obtain the|have the|receive the|find the} heart-rate going.
{A large number of} playlists {created to} help {you find} new music. {Which means} {whatever} kind of music {you prefer}, {what your location is}, what you're doing, or what {feeling|disposition|feelings|ambiance|spirits} you're in, you {can certainly|may easily} {find the appropriate} playlist {for the|for your|for this|with the|to the} moment.


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