"Reva" bare for Playboy magazine

A weekend ago, the bunnies Reneé Valeria "Reva" and the companion Ammy Lee Summers were in Puebla advancing the celebrated magazine Playboy Mexico, where they conceded a meeting for Enlace de la Mixteca.
Reva is a 26-year-old young lady, artist, performing artist, urban kind vocalist, and current front of Playboy magazine's January issue.
Carlos: Welcome to Puebla! How would you feel subsequent to beginning on Instagram and now being the front of Playboy magazine January issue?
REVA: I am exceptionally cheerful, it is the emergence of a fantasy and this gives me the motivation to get all the others that I have.
Carlos: For this situation for the duration of your life, have you endured any sort of harassing?
REVA: It dislike a sort of harassing, but rather if in the past my cohorts quit conversing with me, later on I experienced serious difficulties making companions, particularly companions, and I recall not being exceptionally prevalent in my puberty. Naked Link
Carlos: What might be Reva's sexual dream?
REVA: Until now I have done everything, I feel it is something exceptionally private, however I am an extremely open lady and the couples I have had regarded, I like them to be openmind.
Carlos: How was your Playboy involvement in this photograph shoot?
REVA: The photograph session was extraordinary I felt extremely upbeat and exceptionally eager to take part in such an incredible and perceived brand, the super expert individuals supporting me and ensuring myself and what I needed to extend.
Carlos: Surely nobody let you know. Who might anybody disclose to you what? (name of his lone single that he discharged on YouTube).
REVA: I made that melody to a kid who was more youthful than me (age), I simply adored it and in that tune he made it clear that I'm in control.

Carlos: When might you take out your record or do you intend to keep it carefully?

REVA: It will be computerized, right now the music is being overseen so we can discharge a few singles and later the collection; in February he would discharge the following single and for June an entire hour appear.
Carlos: What does Playboy intend to you?
REVA: For me it is to praise ladylike magnificence, to utilize your body as an opportunity of articulation to make sure of yourself, of your sexuality; demonstrate it to the world and in the event that somebody can appreciate it then what a father!
Carlos: Did you feel apprehensive in the photograph session?
REVA: No, I felt extremely energized and exceptionally cheerful.
Carlos: Sometimes you transfer photographs sharing our existence without pondering the great or awful results that may happen, you trusted it. At the point when did you propose to be in the January release?

REVA: I recently imagined that one day I could do it and I proposed it, the open door came when you are vibrating high and when you are with the best reasons, the open doors come, the transactions opened and we arrived at the conclusion that it must be conveyed and with this I open the chance to "ordinary" young ladies, who possibly are not the enormous models that we have in the head and the young ladies can achieve the magazine, I think I am a reference for them to set out to believe in their bodies and dream of huge.

Carlos: How was the procedure of the photographs?

REVA: I was chosen through Instagram I began to transfer a great deal in supporters and the magazine saw a potential, that had a remark, a reasonable message and as of now in session, were three to 4 hours extending from cosmetics and hairdo to a similar session, something extremely quick.

Carlos: How did your fans take this appearance in the magazine?

REVA: A blessing from heaven for too much, they purchase the magazine and I am astounded that they go to one signature as well as to a few, and to these individuals I give my work, I esteem them in particular and it is a respect as an open figure to serve they.

Carlos: What might be your fantasy?

REVA: To make a melodic vocation, I might want to do film as well, I want to move; Being an entire craftsman to wander into all zones being proficient and improving.

Carlos: If they proposed to act in a cleanser musical drama, would you acknowledge?

REVA: No! Actually it doesn't speak to me, I might want to show up in films, yet in cleanser musical dramas, I don't believe it's my thing.

Carlos: Something you need to include?

REVA: Thank the general population for their help, particularly the general population of Puebla who are extremely pleasant and exceptionally dedicated.The delightful Reneé Valeria (REVA), meet for Enlace de la Mixteca, finished up.


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