Bali Visa 101: How to Extend your Stay

Bali Visa 101: How to Extend your Stay

Regardless of whether you're going by Bali for a profound detox or surfing an unending summer, there are a huge number of motivations to need to hang out longer. Be that as it may, will your visa let you?

Bali may brag a quiet and loose island vibe, however its visa procedure is somewhat less windy – in case you're contemplating remaining over 30 days, that is.


169 nations are qualified to get a free 30-day traveler visa on entry in Indonesia, Australia among them. (Be that as it may, things can change, so we generally figure it's a smart thought to contact your neighborhood Indonesian international safe haven to check for current and a la mode data before movement.)

Following 30 days on a free 30-day vacationer visa it's a great opportunity to skedaddle, and there's no way to avoid that. Tight visa principles and directions are standard all through the whole nation of Indonesia and outstaying your visa can bring about heavy fines and travel bans.

30 Days may be all you need, yet suppose the you get chomped hard by the bali travel bug? How might you wait longer?


While the 30-day traveler visa is simple for Aussies to get on entry – no doubt at Denpasar's Ngurah Rai airplane terminal, this visa is tragically substantial for 30 days and it completely can't be stretched out inside Indonesia. Visa expansions should hence be done outside the nation. Enter the brisk outskirt bounce to Singapore, the nearest and regularly least expensive nation to reach from Bali.

By leaving and re-entering Bali you're not in fact expanding your visa, yet rather recovering a free 30-day vacationer visa. To do this present, it's best to leave a couple of days before your visa lapses. (When the visa is issued on entry in Indonesia, the clock begins ticking in light of the fact that the main day and a day ago consider entire days.)

With time to save, additionally watch that your travel permit is as yet legitimate for no less than a half year with enough pages (it ought to be in the event that you've just as of late touched base in Indonesia). Once you've been stamped out of Bali, it's simply a question of flying into another nation, and after that coming back to Bali, where you'll be welcomed by another 30-day vacationer visa.


While most explorers to Bali take the free 30-day visitor visa course upon entry in Indonesia, there's another way. Purchase a 30 day Visa on Arrival (VOA), and not exclusively are your papers legitimate for 30 days, yet they additionally permit an augmentation of an additional 30 days – without leaving the charming shores of Bali.

Once more, you'll require a substantial identification with up to a half year staying, accessible pages, and around 460,000 IDR in real money to pay for the visa charge. On landing in the airplane terminal advise the movement work area you wish to remain for 60 days.

Pay the VOA visa charge and take the two visa slips from the movement officer. Keep this slip helpful and continue to the migration line. Scramble toward the 'paid visa on entry' line as it is significantly shorter than the free visa line. The movement officer will then take one of the visa slips and give the other one back to you to keep. Moreover, a visa sticker will be stamped into the international ID. Keep the visa paper slip in a sheltered place as it's much too simple to lose.


Presently, should you wish to exceed your 30 day welcome, expanding your paid-for visa is a ton more straightforward than avoiding the nation. It can be a bit tedious however – about a three-day process at a migration office (kantor imigrasi). You'll discover an office at Nusa Dua (South Bali), Renon (Denpasar, Southeast Bali) and Singaraja (North Bali).

Permit a lot of time before your visa lapses (least 7 days) and bring the accompanying with:

             Passport

             Photocopy of your travel permit page and your visa page

             Visa installment receipt (as above)

             Proof of ahead movement – a printout, not only a screen capture or email on your telephone.

             Dress to inspire – that is, flawlessly, covering shoulders and knees, and wearing shut toe shoes (not flip lemon).

The primary day includes rounding out the visa expansion application shape, giving the officer your travel permit, two late international ID photographs and photocopies of your identification. Pay the expense on the second day. This charge is marginally not as much as the underlying visa on entry expense you gave over at the air terminal. Get your travel permit on the third day.

To maintain a strategic distance from the majority of this present, it's conceivable to enlist a legitimate visa operator to put everything in order. Notwithstanding, make a point to contrast rates and charges before submitting with one that is come prescribed from kindred explorers.

Subsequent to remaining a sum of 60 days, you'll have to leave Bali and re-enter. Presently, there is no restriction to rehashing this procedure.


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