A young lady is hanging by the feet in a fascination

A young lady is hanging by the feet in a fascination

Last Sunday there were snapshots of honest to goodness pressure in the event congregation Foire Du Trône in Paris. A young lady was hanging low to the side in one of the attractions while discharging the wellbeing tackles, held just by the feet.

The young lady dangling from the fascination "Adrenalina"/Youtube

A French young lady lived a standout amongst the most frightening snapshots of her life by hanging in one of the attractions of Foire Du Trône stop in Paris .The fascination called Adrenalina , is shaped by two towers 50 meters high associated by a link while clients travel between different sides at fast.

The security outfit of this young lady was discharged dangling from mouth tofoot , subject to fascination just by the feet . In the video, recorded by one of the general population who was in the recreation center last Sunday, we can hear the shouts of frenzy of the young lady traveling between various sides and we see as its head for all intents and purposes rubs a piece of the floor of the recreation center.

Luckily nothing transpired, in spite of the fact that the fascination stays shut while a police examination is completed to illuminate what happened.

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