BARF for mutts and felines

Normal and crude nourishment for canines and felines
Providers meat fixings and BARF supplements
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French locales:
Some data is given by the providers. They are given without preference, including adjustments.
- Meat Saint Laurent (entire chicken necks, tummy, heart, smashed hamburger muscles, chicken necks to pick without including protein (ask via mail, they have half of bone), diverse pounded blends, bits of meat, angle and so forth ..) raw food

- Poher poultry (pounded poultry cadavers (35% bone), ground meat, legs, chicken filets, chicken necks and so on.)

- Toupargel affiliate poher poultry (200 g steaks granulated cadaver and chicken meat poher)

- Dixi et Compagnie (Degomeat items, léno, kiezerbrink, tammenga, tackenberg) New site since May 2014, for the minute conveyance in Gironde and environment. Different areas are arranged. Get some information about.

- BARF - Complete regular sustenance for mutts - The House of the Barf (poultry and meat: 42% muscles, 7.5% sifting offal (liver, kidneys), 23% other offal (heart, lung, rumen, dried out blood (85% protein) without additives, 10% oat, maize, grain, wheat, 11.5% bone and ligament) 400g steaks sold from 75kg or retail at territorial wholesalers (discover them on the site).

- Barf, - Easy-Barf French maker, 100% French items, without additives, solidified. Scope of finish menus, beefy entire or cleaved bones, offal, blended vegetables. Conveyance in refrigerated trucks or on location in Normandy or close Lyon at Easy Barf Lyon . In Ile-de-France: Localy-Barf A Vaujours 93 Barf Easy barf 93 Vaujours

The organization is new, most likely there will be new wholesalers in France, in different locales.


- Horse butcher meat creature horse

- Frozen Dogador, go Meats Poultry on Thiriet (chicken cadaver to blend with muscles: 1/3 to 1/4 dogador and rest muscles)

- Dogador - Picard (chicken cadaver)

Outside destinations that convey in France

Favorable position: for some the base request is less critical or the conveyance costs are lower.

- a Belgian webpage: BARF WEB SHOP (diverse brands of boudin barf, various types of entire or ground meats (poultry, rabbit, hamburger, horse, sheep and so forth.)

- German destinations: Tier Hotel (vast decision of different meats, in pieces or pulverized), Der BARF Shop (various types of ground or entire meats, barf pudding), Tackenberg (different meats)

- destinations that convey belgium and just some French offices:

Sir (barf moves of various brands)

Puppy Fresh (unique sorts of ground or entire meat, barf pudding)

Closeness suppliers


It's difficult to experience them however it's the most fascinating arrangement

Grocery stores:

There is meat for creatures that is to state falls, pre-cut pieces whose deal date is surpassed. Regularly it is meat. This is to guarantee that the piece is primarily muscle with around 15% of MG so now and then it is important to sort .... or on the other hand not to purchase ..

The quality is in fact uneven as per the grocery stores.

When all is said in done the costs go from 2 to 3 € per kilo.

Try not to dither to scrutinize the butcher's specialty since orders are conceivable and devotion can pay off, as far as decision and "reward" meat.

A few general stores accomplish more than others customary advancements on plate of different meats touching base at as far as possible.

A prospecting visit is to be finished.

You can likewise discover solidified steaks to pick 100% meat, without expansion, at various costs (from 3 to more than 10 € per kilo).

Solidified fish as well, without overlooking the fishmonger's area of expertise.

Semi-discount butchers, markdown butchers:

They have a stream rate and are in this manner a decent wellspring of supply of creature meat at costs lower than those of markets (for instance 1.20 € per kilo). There are profitable bundles of thighs, wings of poultry and a decent assortment of offal.

Butchery beams of some vegetable and crisp organic product shops:

Fascinating costs to shift the meat. Great decision for offal and additionally beneficial bundling for poultry.

Neighborhood butcher:

To address yet frequently hard to acquire intriguing costs.

Solidified shops:

They have a scope of creature meat as ground poultry bodies:

We find around 3 € per kilo:

- Frozen dogador, at Thiriet (by bundling of 5 kg) and Dogador at Picard (by 1 kg). It is chicken body with a considerable measure of bone, so give 1/3 to 1/4 of the meat apportion, and the rest in muscles. This can be a down to earth answer for those searching for plump bones smashed in accommodation stores in little bundles. This remaining parts a "modern" creature extend from our nourishment circuit.

- Toupargel affiliate Poher poultry offers 4 kg Poher Poultry steaks. These are the very same steaks as those sold by POHER however in little packs. It's chicken corpses and chicken meat (35% bone 65% meat as indicated by the data sets taken specifically from poher). It is in this manner to give around half and the rest in muscles. Home conveyance (free if 8 kg or 25 € of buys).

There are obviously extraordinary kinds of meat, angle (least 7 € per kilo).


Shops and market racks of natural dietetics for people

You will discover lager yeast, natural juice vinegar, natural first-weight vegetable oils, spirulina, different sustenance supplements, and so forth (consideration human measurement to adjust to the puppy as indicated by its weight so research to improve the situation supplements whose abundance is dangerous, particularly assuming little)

By cons I give aloe vera mash Forever and not the mash (or gel) found in these stores. The aloe vera Forever mash is 100% unadulterated (no entire leaves however just the mash), chilly balanced out.


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